Trail of Change: Koto to Lower Pisang

Trail of Change: Koto to Lower Pisang

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For the first time we were able to get a glimpse at the first 7000m-peak this early morning. For a brief moment the clouds opened for a spectacular view. Behind Koto’s huge limestone walls are the even more impressive walls of the Annapurna range.

The day started slow, as we had to use the „Peace & Internet Café“ in Chame to send our first blog posts via email – we still have no satellite receipton, unfortunately. Apart from that it was a typical third day of trekking: The first blisters are healing up while the first knees are swelling up. As it goes with acclimatisation, there’s really no telling if and when a bad day is going to hit you. Even with the most experienced expedition leaders, it can hit anyone with a bit of bad luck. Today Karma chose Hannes, apparently, who woke up with red itchy eyes and a revolting stomach. Perfect timing for ascending over 3000m for the first time on this trip…

It was interesting to see the trail changing from a small line through thick bushes to a broad road in relatively good conditions all the time. We were able to see the beginnings of a future construction site for the continuation of this road, which is going to be blasted further into the mountain in the coming years. We turned left and continued on one of many suspension bridges on our way to Pisang.


After visiting a small buddhist temple in Upper Pisang, a couple of small children ran past us down the long stairway to lower Pisang. Patty, who works as a pediatrician in Germany, was stunned and remains convinced that no German kid at that age would be able to even run straight forward at that speed without having to come see her in the hospital afterwards.

long.: 84.14775
lat.: 28.61375
height: 3190m
Location: Lower Pisang

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