Trail of Change: Satellite connection, finally!

Trail of Change: Satellite connection, finally!

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This was the best day so far! Not only did Hannes‘ stomach heal completely overnight, we are also in the upper Masyandi-Khola and saw big white mountains like Annapurna II and IV and the 6000ers Chulu East and Pisang Peak. We walked a fantastic panorama trail through old villages of Gyermu (3500m) and Ngwal (3550m).

Acclimatisation has started and we take it easy. That’s why we set up camp after lunch on a meadow which we share with young monks from the monastery nearby playing soccer. The best thing, however, is that our modem finally found its satellite. We keep our fingers crossed that from now on, now that we are out of the world’s deepest gorges, we can report to you without further problems. You can expect the first film tomorrow!

long.: 84.09990
lat.: 28.656456
height: 3701m
location: Ngwal

IMG_1561 IMG_1395 IMG_1410 IMG_1441_featured_image IMG_1514

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