Trail of Change: Three expedition members on the summit!

Trail of Change: Three expedition members on the summit!

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Today we have brief but very good news from the base camp of Manaslu. We are proud to tell you that three of the Austrian expedition members reached the summit of Manaslu yesterday. Markus Amon ascended from camp II at 6450m to the summit (8163m) within less than eight hours before skiing down back to base camp (4930m) in another three.

The other two climbers Hannes Groebner and Sepp Hechenberger started from camp III at 7450m. They reached the summit in the afternoon and returned to camp III where they spent another night before coming back to base camp safely today. The conditions on the mountain were overwhelmingly good. There was hardly any wind and it was quite warm all the way. The weather forecast for the next days suggests that it might get difficult to reach the summit again this season. Therefore everybody is extremely happy that three of our expedition were able to reach the summit.

We wanted to make sure that everybody returned back to base camp safely before sending this blog entry. Thus, you had to wait a little longer.

For us it was interesting to see how different people approach such a high mountain in their own ways. We learned quite a lot for our future expeditions and we’re happy everybody is safe back here with us now.

Our video dispatch will also follow shortly.

long.: 84°35.736
lat.: 28°35.553
Height: 4930m
Location: Manaslu base camp


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