Trail of Change: Back in the civilized world

Trail of Change: Back in the civilized world

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No more base camp! After descending around 1500m we are now back in Samagaon! Everybody is happy to be back in an area with more oxygen. Still the rain keeps falling but it’s supposed to get better tomorrow, so we hope for a little bit of sunshine in the next days.

This morning we abandoned base camp and climbed down to the village of Samagaon. Tonight we are having some beers and we are very much looking forward to the last four trekking days before reaching Kathmandu and fliying back home. Our expedition is nearly finished and all in all it really was a big success.

Climbing down this afternoon we enjoyed different smells for the first time since three weeks. In base camp we were used to the smell of snow, breakfast, dinner and lunch only. Autumn has come in Nepal and the woods are getting more yellow each day, so climbing down through the woods was quite different compared to the psat three weeks.

The terrain during the next days might not allow to send blog entries, so this might be the last one until we reach Kathmandu.

Everybody is feeling good and we are looking forward to coming home to our loved ones. Next time you’ll hear from us will be from Kathmandu in a few days.

Height: 3500m
Location: Samagaon

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