Trail of Change: CROSSING THE PASS

Trail of Change: CROSSING THE PASS

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The first ones on top and the last ones who left. Yesterday we succesfully crossed the Thorung La. A Story about cold fingers and speed records…
When we arrived on Sunday in Thorung Phedi High Camp (4850m) we had two very short treks but a lot of altitude gain behind us.
On saturday we started in Manang (3555m) and walked to Yak Kharka at 4100m within three hours. There we spent the night and then, in only 4h, walked via Thorong Phedi (at around 4500m) up to Thorong Phedi Highcamp (4850m). All of us noticed the altitude. We had light headaches and more or less sleepless nights.

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    We did it two days later! ☺

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