Updates, Photos and Videos from the Trail of Change Expedition in the Himalayas.

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Bei ihrer Tour durch das Land der Fjorde und Wasserfälle reisten Olaf Obsommer, Lukas Wielat und Philip Baues von Fluss zu Fluss — aus eigener Kraft mit dem Bike, Kajaks auf dem Anhänger und einem Zelt zum Übernachten.

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In the last blog post we already told you about the significant decrease of tourists in the lower part of the trek. Lodgeowners told us this was a direct effect of the road and powerplant building. We have many reasons to believe this. Yesterday and today we entered some parts that are not linked to the road yet. And still we were alone – in the main season. Read the full Post on the Trail Read more ... More...
construction workers at Marsyandi Valley
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We got out of the Kathmandu City with the fastest jeepride ever. It took us only 4h the starting point for the classic Annapurna circuit Trek Besisahar. We started directly with our documentation Work because when we arrived here last year it was dark and rainy but we could see the huge floodlights on a constructionside. The next Morning the locals told us about the Chinese Hydro Power Project and Read more ... More...
Trail of Change: a day of packing
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Second day in Nepal. During the night it stopped raining and we woke up by various sounds of the city (dogs, horns, police, buddhist and hinduist ceremonies, birds, planes, …) to a foggy october morning. The light told us that this day would be sunny with blue skies and great mountain views, which were rare in the last years due to heavy air pollution and smog over the city. The recent rainfalls Read more ... More...
Trail of Change: Arrival in Kathmandu
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Hi everyone! We arrived safely in Kathmandu this morning, although at times our pilot was not sure whether we could land or not due to very bad weather. For a brief moment we thought we might have to endure another stop in India, but fortunately the clouds cleared for a brief moment so we landed in Kathmandu eventually. Read the full Post on the Trail of Change Expedition Blog  Read more ... More...
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Dschungel König von Langkawi Beim UCI Bike Marathon auf Langkawi Island (Malaysia) konnte Hannes Genze fernab der Heimat einen erneuten Sieg für sich verbuchen. Dabei ließ er Karl Platt  vom Team BULLS und den Slowaken Michael Lami auf den weiteren Podestplätzen hinter sich. Eigentlich war Hannes Genze nach Langkawi Island in Malaysia gereist, um dort bei der heute gestarteten Langkawi Read more ... More...